Incremental Rotary Encoder IEV582

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Standard Resolution Shafted 10000ppr programmable

  • Flexible programming
  • Imp/Rev. 1-step from 2...x
  • Modular mechanical design
  • Modular product line
  • Programmable output stages
  • Wide range power supply

Nominal voltage

     -Specific value:  24 VDC

     -Limit values, min/max: 4.75/27 VDC

Nominal current, typically

     -Specific value: 50 mA

     -Condition:  unloaded

Current consump.: no load, 5 V: <= 95 mA

Signal form: Square

Automation Sensor


Incremental signals, square

     -Channels:  K1+, K1-, K2+, K2-

     -Phase position, electrically: 90 °

Zero pulse, square

      -Channel (Channels)K0+, K0-

     -Number of revolutions: 1x

Impulses, square wave: >= 2…<= 10000

Output stages

    -Programmable: TTL or HTL

Output driver, TTL

     -Output level: RS-422, 5 VDC

     -Load current: <= 35 mA

     -Load current: per Channel

     -Output frequency<= 900 kHz

 Specifications and Drawings (pdf)


UL Listed TRWin-Prog

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