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P&P Distributing delivers pharmaceutical companies the components necessary to streamline manufacturing lines and synthesize first-rate medical products and devices. It’s why clients like Merck consistently choose P&P for mechanical and electrical assembly line parts.

One of the greatest advantages P&P has to offer is an extensive line of products. We supply all production pieces vital to a pharmaceutical corporation’s productivity. From bearings and fuses, to cylinders and valves, we have it all. P&P even carries materials like disposable gloves, disposable hair protection, and shoe covers for assembly line employees.

But P&P is more than a supplier. We’ve established ourselves as a titan in manufacturing components distribution because of our personalized customer service. If your business requires a part in a pinch, one simple phone call connects you to a representative. P&P is known for a rapid turnaround period, so your part arrives promptly and manufacturing lines keep running.

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