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PPdistributors - electrical industries
P&P Distributors provides growing electrical and mechanical industries with a vast scope of electromechanical products to aid in manufacture, fabrication, safety precautions and other applications.

We offer a wide selection of electrical relays and sensors for use in manufacturing and testing as well as motors and reducers distributed from companies such as Minimotor, Engle, Bison, Siti and more. P&P also provides industries with the needed bearings and fuses they need for replacement parts and safely conducting operations with heavy machinery.

We are capable of supplying large quantities of safety lamps ideal for lighting factory floors, clean rooms and assembly lines. Additionally, we distribute products such as timers and fans to boost production capacity and keep environments at proper temperatures.

We also offer tachometers for use with fast-paced machinery as well as valves and other electrical and mechanical components for any use. We are honored to deliver clients a turnover rate distinguished for its speed and efficiency that combines with competitive prices for a total advantage in value.



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