(but it’s really all about YOU)

What we do:

We supply our customers with the finest OEM goods, equipment and components available anywhere — on time and at the best price.

When you need to keep your business running, Moe makes it happen!

How we do it:

  1. We provide you with the right solution to your manufacturing problem (other suppliers only sell you a product).
  2. We act as a critical link and advocate between your business and the equipment manufacturer — we are part of your team.
  3. You will always get fair price on everything we offer.
  4. You can count on fast responses and honest answers every time. We keep you in the loop throughout the entire sales process.
  5. You always talk directly to the boss (Moe) — no salespeople or middlemen, ever!
  6. You will always get the right answer to every question — even after hours.
  7. You never have to worry about paperwork, even on international orders (we handle it all).
  8. You always get realistic buying options (prices and/or speed) — you remain in control.
Our head office in Whitestone, New York services clients all across the United States and globally.
Better Business Bureau Accredited