Franklin RESTORIT® Cleaner/Maintainer

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Restorit® is a multi-purpose floor finish maintainer designed for high speed maintenance programs. It may be used with a mop and bucket, with an autoscrubber, or as a spray buff.

Restorit® rejuvenates the finish to produce the wet look and prolongs the life of your finish.

Always dust mop floor first. Remove gum, labels and other attached soil deposits with a putty knife or long handled scraper. For best results pre-clean the floor with Franklin Compare™.

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Product Specifications

pH – 9.5 ± 0.5

Appearance – Milky Light Green

Fragrance – Polymeric

Solids – 7.3 ± 0.2

Freezing Point – About 32°F

Solubility in Water – Complete

Flash Point – None

Coverage – 4000 to 20000 sq. ft. per gallon

Directions for Use

Autoscrub Cleaning: 

  1. Dilute Restorit® at 6 ounces per gallon (1:20 ratio) of cool water in the solution tank.
  2. Apply solution and scrub with a red or white pad. Squeegee up excess solution from the floor and allow to dry thoroughly.
  3. Burnish as desired to “pop-the-gloss”.


  1. Dilute Restorit® at 32 ounces per gallon (1:4 ratio) of cool water.
  2. Apply solution with a clean mop. Change the solution when it becomes dirty. No rinsing required. Allow to dry thoroughly.
  3. Burnish as desired to ‘pop-the-gloss.’

Spray Buff

  1. Spray undiluted product onto a 4′ x 6′ area using a fine to medium spray. If using ultra-high-speed equipment, spray sparingly in front of the machine.
  2. BUBuffF to a shine using a low-speed rotary machine with a red or white polishing pad. With ultra-high-speed equipment, use an appropriate burnishing pad.
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