Festo Cylinder DSNU 25-300-PPV-A

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The Festo Cylinder DSNU 25-300-PPV-A is a high-quality pneumatic cylinder designed to offer superior performance. Featuring a robust construction and high precision components, it provides optimal power-to-weight ratio with low air consumption. Additionally, its rust-resistant finish provides maximum durability and reliability.

The Festo Cylinder DSNU 25-300-PPV-A is a pneumatic cylinder, specifically a double-acting, round cylinder. It belongs to the DSNU series of round cylinders from Festo, which are known for their compact design and versatility in various applications.

The main features of the Festo Cylinder DSNU 25-300-PPV-A include:

  1. Double-acting: This cylinder has two ports for air entry, one on each end of the cylinder. Compressed air is alternately applied to one side of the piston while being exhausted from the other side, allowing the cylinder to produce linear motion in both directions (extending and retracting the piston rod).

  2. Round cylinder: The DSNU series cylinders feature a round barrel, which is a common and cost-effective design for pneumatic cylinders. The round shape allows for a compact and lightweight construction, making them suitable for various applications.

The "25" in the model number indicates the diameter of the piston (25 mm), and the "300" refers to the stroke length (300 mm). The "PPV-A" code in the model number refers to the specific configuration and options of the cylinder, such as the type of cushioning (adjustable pneumatic end-position cushioning) and the piston rod configuration (standard single piston rod).

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