Festo Cylinder DGO 12-220-P-A-B

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The Festo Cylinder DGO 12-220-P-A-B Art. #15221 is a robust and reliable single-acting cylinder. Its maximum pressure of 8 bar ensures powerful and efficient performance. Its hard-wearing aluminum casing is corrosion-resistant and guarantees long-term reliability.

The Festo Cylinder DGO 12-220-P-A-B is a pneumatic cylinder, specifically a double-acting, guided cylinder. It belongs to the DGO series of guided pneumatic cylinders from Festo. These cylinders are designed to provide precise, linear motion with high rigidity and resistance to twisting and bending forces, making them suitable for applications that require accurate guidance.

The main features of the Festo Cylinder DGO 12-220-P-A-B include:

  1. Double-acting: This cylinder has two ports for air entry, one on each end of the cylinder. Compressed air is alternately applied to one side of the piston while being exhausted from the other side, allowing the cylinder to produce linear motion in both directions (extending and retracting the piston rod).

  2. Guided: The cylinder includes integrated guides to ensure accurate and precise linear motion, often used in applications that require high rigidity or resistance to twisting and bending forces.

The "12" in the model number indicates the diameter of the piston (12 mm), and the "220" refers to the stroke length (220 mm). The "P-A-B" code in the model number refers to the specific configuration and options of the cylinder, such as the type of cushioning and mounting.

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