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Non-contact, absolute positioning and measurement over long distances, with fast integration times for standard positioning or closed-loop control applications.

TR Electronics Laser distance measurement systems are ideally suited for providing positioning and measurement information accurately and efficiently across a variety of industrial communication options.

The TR Electronics laser product line utilizes a variety of laser light technology including a time-of-flight principle, allowing for distance measurement up to 500m, as well as Phase-Shift technology, providing means for 1ms cycle times up to 240m away with an accuracy of +/- 2mm. The quality of Phase-Shift technology lasers is further increased by an error linearization process which calibrates the laser to ensure your accuracy is exactly the same throughout the entire measurement stroke.

Need to maintain position awareness around a corner? The LE200 barcode scanning positioning system allows for the use of barcode tap to report and read position accurate to 1mm across a maximum stroke of 10km. Whether it’s an automated storage and retrieval system, an overhead gantry crane, a carriage assembly, an industrial elevator or an amusement park ride, the TR Electronics laser line offers a multitude of reliable solutions ready for you to use.


  • Customer-specific solutions
  • Flexible programming
  • Further interfaces available
  • Measures linear movements
  • Measuring dista. 125/170/195 m
  • Rugged construction
  • Wear-free detection

     Specifications and Drawings (pdf)

    TRWINPROG FieldBus


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