GMN FE 400 Series - Sprag Clutch Insert Elements with Mounting Rings

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Sprag Clutch Elements (400 Series) with Mounting Rings

Similar to the FE 400 series, these clutches are designed with hardened & ground races that press fit onto a shaft and housing assembly. Use this series if your shaft and housing are NOT hardened and ground.

Good for large orders & low to high torque needs: 1 to 2673 Nm. Bore (ID) sizes: 2 to 240 mm (0.078 to 9.448 in)

A Sprag Clutch Insert Element consists of a cage, sprags, and a spring. The spring is designed to keep the sprags in contact with the shaft and housing at all times.

GMN Sprag Clutch Insert Elements, 400 Series are the perfect cost-effective solution when you don’t need integrated ball bearing support and/or you need multiple sprag clutches. These options can all be achieved without sacrificing torque requirements.

The GMN sprag clutch insert elements can be used for overrunning, backstopping, or indexing applications.

Series 400 Product Characteristics

  • Bore (ID) Range: 2 to 240 mm (0.078 to 9.448 in)
  • Torque Range: 1 to 2673 Nm
  • With or Without Mounting Rings
    • Without Mounting Rings: FE 400 Series
    • With Mounting Rings: FR & FRN Series
  • If external bearing support is required, we recommend adding the GMN RL series.

FR & FRN Product Table Key

Mounting rings with a press fit inner ring. Fits shaft diameter from 10-45 mm
FRN Mounting rings with a keyway inner ring. Fits shaft diameter from 10-60 mm
Meander spring; Can index up to 60 Hz, best for high indexing applications
Tension spring; Can index up to 10 Hz, best for overrunning & backstopping applications


View GMN Sprag Type Freewheel Clutches Catalog (pdf)

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