EMF Spring Applied Brakes YBF-01

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Brake Set: without mounting flange
Option 1: cooling
Option 2: Double Brake
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Torque (Nm): 3-6

Motor Frame: 53-63-71

BF Series brakes, which have a compact structure, are easy-to-install systems that are activated in controlled or uncontrolled power outages. It is used to keep the moving shafts in the desired position and stop the inertia of rotation for safe operation.

  • Production in 11 Different Sizes Between 3 Nm. and 3.200 Nm.
  • Adjustable Torque Force and Air Gap
  • Long Life Asbestos-Free Lining
  • Class H Coil Insulation (185 °C)
  • Standard Ex-Proof Body Structure
  • Special Coated Metal Parts
  • Quiet Operation (O-ring)
  • Optional Encoder, External Fan, Switch and Manual Release Rod Applications

The system, which is braked when there is no electrical energy, pulls the pressure flange to the body by defeating the pressure springs installed in the body with the magnetic field formed by the energy coming on the coil.

The lining released by this gap releases the spindle to which it is connected by a gear and key in the center.

When it is desired to switch to the braking position, the effect of the magnetic field on the stator is removed by cutting the electricity.

In this way, the installed springs move the pressure flange so that the lining is clamped between the mounting flange and the pressure flange and braking is performed.


Mounting Flange - In cases, where there is no suitable friction surface, friction area can be created by using mounting flange.

Manual Release Rod - The manual release rod serves to manually release the brake by hand. After the operation, it automatically returns to its base position by force of the spacers connected. It can also be retrofitted.

Dust Protection Ring - The dust protection ring greatly protects the friction surface against moisture, dirt and dust. The dust protection ring is used by fitting it into its slots on the brake body and on the mounting shield or mounting flange.


  • Crane Systems
  • Automation Systems
  • Forklifts
  • Load Lifts
  • Wind Turbines
  • Heavy Construction Machines
  • Theatre and Stage Systems
  • Plastic and Packaging Machines
  • Automatic Door Systems
  • Medical Equipments
  • Textile Machines
  • Food Process Machines

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