EFFBE Diaphragm Pressure Cylinder MH 50

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The EFFBE Pressure Cylinder MH 50 offers a pressure resistance of up to 10 bar. Its steel cylinder is designed with an easy-to-use connection and has a high-quality surface finish. With its simple and maintenance-friendly construction, the cylinder is reliable and highly durable.

Medium-stroke device type

Weight 0.13 kg


Max pressurisaton = 10 bar

Max stroke = 20 mm

Air consumption per stroke/6bar = 0,01-0,12l

Ambient temperature = -20C-+80C


Housing: special deep-drawing sheet steel, galvanised  KH50 Aluminium turning work piece. Piston rod made of stainless steel. Guide bushing with self-lubrication. Piston rod not rotating to to riveting with diaphragm.

PDF: Diaphragm Pressure Cylinders


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