COEL VIS NEMA Flameproof Brakes - Frame size 143/5

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VIS Brakes - NEMA Line - Flameproof - Frame Size 143/5

Standard Voltage: 2 x AC 220 - 480

Max Nm: 25

Max Lb-Ft: 18

Certificate CSAus - Class I

Division 1

Groups C, D - Class II

Division 1

Group E, F, and G T3-T4-T5 - Amb.Temp. -20/+60°C (-4/+156° F)

US NEC 500

In 2004, COEL pioneered the groundbreaking VIS patent-pending series of modular brakes for high-risk environments, filling a niche that had been vacant in the marketplace. With the introduction of the "VIS Standard" line, COEL is once again revolutionizing the power transmission market, and this time, extending its benefits to safe zones as well.

Why is it called "standard"? Simply because VIS is setting the benchmark in the field of brake motors. The "VIS Standard" addresses the modern market's demand for flexibility and expedited lead times. It now allows for the utilization of a generic B5 motor from inventory, applied to the "VIS Standard", and that's not all...

The new VIS Standard line, owing to its superior capabilities, brings a host of enhancements that assure top-tier performance across all applications.

Options (addons)

  • Hand Release Kit: +$474.29. Gives the possibility to release the brake in absence of current.
  • Special Voltages+123.79. The VIS brakes can be equipped with a switch (electro mechanical or inductive) for monitoring the operation of the mobile anchor inside the brake and the consequent open or closed status of it. The user must provide he corresponding electrical connection.
  • Open/Closed Monitoring Microswitch: +$637.14
  • Anti-Condensation Heater: +$348.57
  • PTC Thermistors: +$201.43


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