P&P Distributors is excited to announce the addition of Koster's innovative products to our portfolio.

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Since 1991, Koster has been at the forefront of manufacturing state-of-the-art counting discs, responding adeptly to the evolving needs of handling various paper textures, from banknotes to tax stamps, self-adhesive labels, plastics, and cardboard articles. These discs, expertly designed by Koster, cater to a wide range of paper weights, from a delicate 30 g/m² to a sturdy 500 g/m², and are capable of accurately counting sheets as small as 9 x 32 mm. Koster's commitment to precision ensures that their discs count without damaging or leaving any trace on the paper.

Koster Counting Discs

In 2019, Koster expanded their expertise by introducing their own line of counting machines. These machines, now available through P&P Distributors, are tailored for industrial use and are the perfect complement to the advanced capabilities of Koster's counting discs. Designed to fill a gap in the market, these counting machines offer unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.

Automatic Inline Machine

Automatic Inline Machines

At P&P Distributors, we are thrilled to partner with Koster, bringing their innovative, high-quality products to our customers. We are not just offering products; we are providing comprehensive solutions and a partnership to realize your specific requirements with the combined expertise and innovative approach of both P&P Distributors and Koster.


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