We Supply Electrical And Mechanical Components For The Printing, Packaging, Food & Beverage, and Pharmaceutical Industries.

About P+P Distributors

At P+P Distributors, our mission is strong and simple: to supply clients with only the finest originally manufactured goods, equipment and components available.

P+P Distributors Mission

We are a growing company that has expanded into the markets of acquiring and distributing electrical and mechanical components as well as covers, gloves, safety equipment and tools for a wide range of industrial applications.

We service any industry in need of superior quality products at affordable rates and large supply, including federal government agencies, pharmaceutical industry, food & beverage industry, manufacturers, printing & packaging industry, and motor repair shops. We offer quick turnover time and unequaled, personalized customer service worldwide.

P&P Distributors works with an extensive network of manufacturers to supply each client with products to meet even the most specific of requirements and highest standards of quality. We strengthen this diversity in business with a broad knowledge base of product lines and their applications in an ever-increasing number of industry types.

P&P welcomes you to get to know our incredible versatility in product supply and contact us with any questions.

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Our head office in Whitestone, New York services clients all across the United States and globally.