D&D Global power transmission belts

We are thrilled to announce that P&P Distributors has expanded product offerings with the inclusion of D&D Global's top-of-the-line power transmission belts.

Available now on our website, our new inventory features a comprehensive selection including the 3L Series, A/4L Series, B/5L Series, C Series, D Series, and E Series belts, with more to come. These belts are crafted using Generation 3 Manufacturing technology, ensuring enhanced quality control and automation for unparalleled reliability and excellence in every belt.

Our new D&D Global belts cater to a wide range of applications, providing superior performance for automotive engines, industrial machinery, agricultural equipment, HVAC systems, home appliances, and lawn and garden equipment.

Designed to handle high-speed operations, transmit significant amounts of power, and operate quietly and efficiently, these V-belts are the perfect solution for your machinery needs. Whether you're looking to power a car engine, conveyor, tractor, HVAC system, washing machine, or lawn mower, our extensive selection guarantees the perfect fit for your specific requirements.

Explore our new range of D&D Global power transmission belts today and unlock the full potential of your machinery. Thank you for choosing P&P Distributors as your trusted partner in quality and performance.

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