Contactless Linear Position Sensor in a Compact Package

ILPS-19 Series Inductive Linear Position SensorA new line of ILPS-19 Series Inductive Linear Position Sensors expands the ILPS line form Harold G. Schaevitz Industries LLC. They all use (Linear Variable Inductive Transducers (LVIT) Technology, making the sensors good for industrial testing labs and OEM applications.

The ILPS-19 features: contactless operation, so they will not wear out due to dither or cycling; six ranges from 1 to 8 inches 25 to 200 mm (25 to 200 mm); a good stroke-to-length ratio; a 0.75 in. (19 mm) diameter anodized aluminum housing sealed to IP-67; radial-cable-exit version with swivel rod eye ends; and axial termination versions with either M-12 connector or cable.

The sensor will operate from a variety of DC voltages, and it offers a choice of four analog outputs that all include HGSI's proprietary SenSet field recalibration feature.

The ILPS series also includes two larger body versions, the ILPS-27 and ILPS-27L, for applications needing a heavier duty unit or a spring-loaded version called the ILPS-18S.

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