Common Mistakes Made When Hiring An Electrical-Mechanical Components Supplier

Whether you’re manufacturing a new product, upgrading your machinery, or purchasing new equipment, you need a reliable supplier that provides quality products. However, when you’re shopping for components, contacting multiple manufacturers to ensure durable and quality products can affect your turnaround time. By relying on an industrial equipment supplier, you can choose from various products under one roof.

Industrial equipment suppliers have a broad knowledge base of product lines and their applications and will be able to deliver the necessary components to streamline manufacturing. Unfortunately, not all suppliers are the same. There could be some firms that upsell, provide sub-par components, or delay delivery.

To help you pick out the right professional for your needs, and avoid errors that could prove to be costly, P&P Distributors have put together a list of the most common mistakes people make when hiring a supplier of electrical and mechanical components.

1. Choosing an inexperienced overseas manufacturer.

Working with overseas manufacturers involves a lot of back-and-forth communication about product specifications, delivery, cost, etc. If you’re working with an inexperienced professional, there’s a high chance you won’t get exactly what you wanted.

When you work with P&P Distributors, you get a great brand with the best prices, along with a warranty for all our products and get a "Made in USA" product.

2. Trying to save on costs.

You get what you pay for, and usually, less money mean more maintenance. At P&P Distributors, we offer a variety of electric motor options that are proven to work and don’t break the bank. Moreover, we are a small business that passes on our savings to our customers.

We also have great relationships with manufacturers all over the world.

3. Spending too much.

We continually hear of stories where customers are upsold on electric motors, leading to unnecessary costs and lower ROI. At P&P Distributors, we always ensure our customers get what they need, without the need to overpay. We don’t try to upsell anything our customers don’t ask for.

4. Not doing your research.

Research is integral in ensuring that the right electric motor works with your specific equipment. P&P Distributors has an ocean of knowledge on which electric motors are best for your specific application. We only work with manufacturers that have great products.

5. Waiting for delivery.

Choose a trusted supplier to ensure that you receive a product within a reasonable time frame. If you’re working with an overseas supplier, make sure that your order is given priority and isn’t on backorder.

At P&P Distributors, we can arrange a next-day delivery for electric motors, so your equipment is up and running without much downtime. We are a distributor for many electric motor manufacturers, and the only time when there could be a delay is if it’s a special order.

If you’re looking for electrical and mechanical components in Whitestone, Queens, reach out to P&P Distributors. Our mission is to supply clients with only the finest originally manufactured goods, equipment, and components available. We provide quality electrical and mechanical components as well as covers, gloves, safety equipment, and tools for a wide range of industrial applications. We work with more than four hundred manufacturers to supply each client with products to meet even the most specific of requirements and the highest standards of quality.

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