GMN Ball Bearing Sprag Clutch

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Low to Med Torque Capacity. GMN's Most Popular Clutch Line.

These ball-bearing clutches are economical and are designed with ball bearings only. 

Similarly, the sizes are matched to 6200 radial ball bearings and most importantly, this product line is a good choice for low to medium torque requirements.

Torque capacity of GMN ball bearing clutches is 53 to 267 Mn, and the bore (ID) size ranges from 17 to 40 mm (0.669 to 1.57 in).

P&P supplies GMN’s FK, FKN, and FKNN series ball bearing clutches.

Specs at a glance:

  • Clutch Width (mm): 12 to 18
  • Operating Temperature: 284°F (140°C) or on request, 338°F (170°C)
  • ID Size Range (mm): 17 to 40
  • OD Size Range (mm): 40 to 80
  • Torque (Nm): 53 to 267
  • Inner Ring: Press Fit and/or Keyway
  • Outer Ring: Press fit and/or Keyway
  • Bearing Style: Integrated Ball Bearing
  • Lubrication: Grease
  • Seals: Rubber Seals or No Seals

Top Characteristics of GMN Ball Bearing Clutches:

  • Low to medium torque (53 to 267 Nm)
  • Offers built-in radial bearing support
  • Compact design to fit into tight spaces
  • ID/OD match many common bearing sizes
  • Supports light to medium loads


    Material 52100 bearing steel, hardened & ground
    Inner Ring Press fit (FK) or Keyway (FKN)
    Outer Ring Press fit (FK and FKN) Keyway (FKNN)
    Lubrication Oil or Grease
    Sealed Clutches Delivered with grease lubrication that will last the lifespan of the clutch.
    Open Clutches Shipped with an oil preservative for rust protection.


    View GMN Sprag Type Freewheel Clutches Catalog (pdf)

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