MGM Electric Motors


Consistent and reliable motor power is essential for your business to keep running as smoothly as possible. From conveyor belts to fan and blower motors, we have a full line of industrial motors designed to help keep your operations running. P+P Distributors sells all new motors and motor equipment, as well as parts for repair and replacement of nearly all major brands of industrial motor.

Industrial motors we sell include:

  • General Purpose Motors
  • Compressor and Pump motors
  • Clutch and Brake motors
  • Fan and Blower motors
  • Single phase motors
  • AC motors
  • DC motors
  • High efficiency motors
  • IEC metric motors
  • Farm Duty Motors
  • Explosion proof motors


P&P Distributors provides new motors, as well as motor parts for repair or replacement, for nearly all major motor manufacturer brands and applications. All our motors are designed to be high efficiency, energy saving, low noise, low vibration, lightweight, reliable performance, and easy installation and maintenance.

Newer motors have been designed to be much more energy efficient and with fewer moving parts than older models, reducing the need for repairs and costly downtime. We work with clients and contractors to help provide the right motors for the right applications, and to provide parts for ongoing repair and replacement after installation. Best of all, we take custom orders and will work with you to keep necessary part sin stock to help anticipate your needs and reduce costly downtime in your business.

Nema Certified Motors

The Nema energy efficiency motor certification is the first verification program of its kind for motor efficiency. It is often specified in commercial, industrial, and government contracts to help purchasers optimize motor systems efficiency, reduce electrical consumption and cost, and improve system reliability. Nema motors have helped revolutionize and standardize the industry, providing a verification and benchmarking for consistent and reliable output. We have a full line of Nema verified motors, and supply parts, bases, attachments and accessories for a wide variety of Nema verified motor units.

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